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1、Company Profile

Dongguan BOSI Hardware Electronic Co,.Ltd is a enterprises which is providing global metal tooling manufacturing & precision non - standard hardware parts Widely used in computer equipment, communications products, consumer electronics, automotive, medical electronics, instrumentation & aerospace equipment and other fields .our Products are exported to Europe, the United States, the European Union, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan ,southeast Asia and other countries and regions .

bbin体育Over the past 12 years of growth both domestic and international ,BOSI adhere to the business philosophy with "speed and passion, quality first" , insight into the industry customer demand changes, we gradually realized the pain point and high demand of non-standard custom industry -- delivery timeliness of development period and precision of the first sample & high cost .


bbin体育In order to meet this requirement, B0SI company introduced the most advanced micro controllable precision bending machine from Germany which controls more than 100 programs and stepwise tools group by computer, It can one- step formation for any complex bending structure on the absolute accuracy and repeat precision . it can produce the QTY of samples from 1 pcs to 5000pcs without any fault ,also the lead time can be reduced from a few weeks or days to be a few hours or minutes,also it can save raw materials Effectively and make prototypes more efficient & fast ..Micro bending machine can handle material thickness between 0.04 to 1.0 mm, the largest bending width is 150 millimeter, minimum bending width is 2.0 mm, the accuracy can reach 0.01 mm and Angle is 0.1 °.It can not only greatly meet the timeliness of prototypes for precision stamping parts such as wire terminal, shielding cover,metal contacts and metal bracket, but also ensure the accuracy and appearance of products.

bbin体育And then B0SI company is researching and developing online CRM pricing and order system independently

, ready to launch in May,2019, this system can evaluate the price for shield case, battery contact, metal contact, metal bracket , place order , upload documents, online payment, production schedule tracking , delivery tracking, print form, after-sales consulting and a series of convenient features automatically .With the help of this system, customers can make the design to be the product you need without a phone call!

B0SI has been continuously growing under your cultivation. For the rapid development of the market, we have never stopped, in order to suitable for the rapid developing market. Speed, passion and quality are always the goal of B0SI people.

2、Enterprise culture

Enterprise positioning: Become the world's leader of precision metal tooling, product design and processing integration service provider;

Enterprise Pinciple:Speed and passion, quality first;

Enterprise spirit:Unity and pioneering, realistic innovation;Work together for the best;

bbin体育Enterprise Goal ::Strive to create international first-class enterprises, to create first-class products;

Enterprise belief: To train first-class talents, to train first-class technology, to produce first-class products, to provide first-class services;

3、Our Team

Business philosophy: Fast & Furious


4、Our Advantages

bbin体育(1) Fast Delivery (except special processes)

(2) Price drops directly,and no need to make tooling for small batches orders;

(3) Quality is guaranteed by the certificated quality system is managed

bbin体育(4) Raw materials is guaranteed by strictly incoming inspected;

4、Design capacity





Lead Time


bbin体育Metal shield Prototypes


3-5 Days


bbin体育Metal Contact Prototypes


2-6 Days


bbin体育Battery Contact Prototypes


3-5 Days


Other Prototypes

bbin体育Depends on the actual parts


5、Technology Display



Process Description

Prototypes & Small Batch

The tolerance for prototypes can be 0.01mm; and we can delivery the parts within 24 Hours for urgent orders;

The machine imported from Germany solves the requirements of high precision, fast speed and low cost that cannot be met by conventional technology.



Titanium alloy 、Pure  nickel、 Copper、 Beryllium Copper、Phosphor Copper 、Brass、Nickel -silver 、Stainless Steel、Stainless Iron、Aluminium、Galvanized sheet(SGCC) 、Electrolytic plate(SECC)、Cold rolled steel、Spring steel... Etc

1、There are different models for each type materials
 2、The hardness is different for different models material ,and the elasticity is also different after being bent



The tolerance of thickness is different depends on the different materials;

Max Dimension


bbin体育The maximum dimension will be changed according to the material thickness and product structure


Min tolerance 0.005mm

The accuracy of dimensions is controlled by the accuracy of tooling , and the cost of tooling depends on the accuracy of products;

Min dia of hole


bbin体育The Scope of holes Dia will be affected by the thickness & hardness of material ;

Heat Treatment

bbin体育Vacuum tempering and aging treatment

bbin体育Heat treatment can increase the elasticity of products ,and make The fatigue resistance better ;


Environmental protection (ROHS, halogen-free) : gold ,silver, tin, nickel, zinc- plating, chrome plating, copper plating, oxidation, laser carving, silk-screen printing, phosphating treatment (can pass SST for 160 Hours), blackening, oil spraying, paint baking, electrophoresis, passivation, deburring, polishing and brushing;

different material can be with different finish treatment , they can make the Contact & corrosion resistance and appearance to be better


bbin体育Fast wire, medium wire, slow wire

bbin体育It can save tooling cost to adopt wire-cutting process for prototypes & small batches order, also it can speed-up the delivery ;


bbin体育Thickness :0.05-0.5mm

It’s suitable for prototypes and small batches orders instead of wire-cutting and tooling punching process ,


bbin体育Product & Tooling

bbin体育Design the products and toolings according to the customers' samples or drawings ;

bbin体育Tooling Manufacture

Design , PREPARATIVE THE MATERIAL,Wire-cutting,CNC, Heat treatment,Assembly,Testing



bbin体育All process for tooling manufacture has been done inside of our factory and it can ensure the quality and delivery date ;


400K PCS/Machine/Day

bbin体育The daily output of each product will be different Due to the different product structure ;


bbin体育PE bags、Preservation box, storage box, aircraft box、Ree/tape 、Blister tray、Wooden box、Carton,Customized package

We will choose the safe package method according to the structure of products, also we can customized order the package according to the customers’ requests ;


6、Intelligent manufacturing 


bbin体育Our company has invested a huge sum of money to introduce the world's advanced level of modern production and testing equipment and software from the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other places.The company is equipped with a complete production, technology, service, after-sales team, 7 x 24 hours to provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services, quickly and comprehensively respond to the personalized immediate needs of global customers.


7、They are all Choosing us


8、Our Certificate

bbin体育We have eleven years of integrity in the Alibaba platform, became the director of Dongguan Hardware Machinery Mould Industry Association, we past the certificate of quality system of ISO9001: 2015, IATF16949: 2016 system certification.